Speaker Meeting Recordings

Sydney International Guest speakers Brigitte (BB) Self Love and loving action…the path back to Me 14th August 2022
Sydney International Guest speakers Louis B “Recovery Relationships within the ACA Community” 10th July 2022
Sydney International Guest speakers Mothers Day Meeting Mum (Gail R )and Daughter (Kimba R) share on doing ACA recovery together 9th May 2022
Sydney International Guest speakers Ken F “A Guide to the Loving Parent Workbook” 10th April 2022
Sydney International Guest speaker’s 2nd Anniversary meeting with shares from Misty (USA) Paul (Ireland) and Monique (Australia) 14th March 2022
Kathleen S “Entirely ready to let my authentic self become me”, an approach to the 6th Step Sydney International Guest speaker’s meeting 13th February 2022
Niki F “From addiction to ACOA and Finding the Inner Child” Sydney International Guest speaker’s meeting 9th January 2022
Lawrence D “Self Love Returning To The Body” Sydney International Guest speaker’s meeting 12th December 2021
Ken F “ The Right to Clarity: removing your distorted filters and protecting yourself from others’ distorted projections ” 14th November 2021
Annie S. Emotional sobriety and Self-leadership Sydney International Guest speaker’s meeting 10th Oct 2021
Gail S and Sharon P Sydney International Guest speaker’s meeting 12th Sept 2021
Annie.S Interweaving the loving parent and in a child into step work. Sydney International guest speaker’s meeting 8th August 2021
Claudia B Talk at Sydney Unity Day 2021
4 Lunchtime Hosts share @Sydney International Guest Speaker’s meeting 9th May 2021
Louis B @Sydney International Guest Speaker’s Meeting 11th April 2021
Robert N @Sydney International Guest speaker’s Meeting
Michael .H. Strength in Vulnerability Sydney International Guest Speaker’s meeting April 2021
David McB Forgiveness Sydney International Guest Speaker’s meeting 14th Feb 2021
Kinch My Life Sydney International Guest Speaker’s meeting Jan 10, 2021
Dr. Lucia C. “Reparenting Our Selves: Renegotiating with the Inner Critical Parent “
Join Lesley as she expands on how our ACA Characteristics affect us in the workplace. The workshop allows us to discuss our common experiences and help each other reduce the chaos that we can bring to our work lives.
Rich R Workshop on Healthy Communications What dysfunctional communications look like
2020 AWC – Traditions Workshop – Erin D, Cheryl F, Jeff J, Mary Jo L, Josh W, & Karin S

The Bob E Collection
Bob E (AA, ACA) of Hollywood, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Fe. Bob died January 9 2018 (1935-2018). Bob was a funny and in some circles a controversial speaker. His language was a bit rough at times, although by todays TV standards probably the norm. He spoke his truth as he knew it. Bob had a rough childhood, including being expelled from school in the 10th grade, incarceration, and alcoholism and drug addiction. He got sober and clean in Los Angeles in 1962 and became a highly popular recovery circuit speaker throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Bob focused on healing the whole person, not just stopping drinking/using.

Bob E – 1998 – Adult Children of Acoholics “Cause & Effect” Workshop – Tempe, Arizona
~ hosted by The Tempe ACA GroupBob-E-Tempe-AZ-1998-Day-1-Part-1.
Bob-E-Tempe-AZ-1998-Day-2-Part-3 (Adolf Hitler childhood)
Bob-E-On Codependency – Toxic Waste Dump Of The 20th Century