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ACA is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition support group focused on understanding the specific behaviour and attitude patterns we developed while growing up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional environment. These patterns continue to affect us today.

By attending regular meetings we come to a better understanding of our past so we can more effectively restructure our lives today. We begin to see more clearly what is positive and healthy in ourselves.

ACA is not a replacement for addicts working an abstinence program in other Twelve Step fellowships. However, Adult Children of Alcoholics is often the only program for many adult children recovering from the effects of alcoholism or other family dysfunction, including the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. (Adapted from the ACA Fellowship textbook.)

Meetings are intended to be safe places where we can share our experience, strength and hope without judgement or criticism. We have the right not to share unless we are ready.

This program is grounded in spiritual guidance and is not affiliated with any specific religion. We are individuals struggling through rigorous honesty to become the best we can be. We respect one another’s anonymity. Who we encounter at meetings and what they have said there is treated confidentially.

We meet together to share our experience, strength, hope and fear; we offer friendship and understanding. We love one another in a very special way. We welcome you to join us.

Since each meeting is autonomous, and each meeting is a different experience, we recommend that you try as many different ones as possible before deciding if the ACA program can be helpful to you in your journey from discovery to recovery.

A Personal Invitation
This is your personal invitation to come to ACA and to keep coming back. Your presence in meetings helps us in our recovery. We know that this program works for us. We have yet to see anyone fail who honestly works the program. This is our path to sanity, our program to serenity.

We invite you to participate. ACA works!

Monday to Friday 12pm (Noon) to 1pm Sydney Australia timezone

Meeting ID 418 125 471
Password 028589

On the second Sunday of each month, we host

Sydney International Speaker Meeting
Second Sunday of each month 12midday to 1.30pm

Speaker recordings can be found in the menu “Speaker Recordings”

Meeting ID 418 125 471
Password 028589

You might like to join us at other meetings

These meetings are in Sydney Australia time zone

Laundry List Traits Monday at 10am
Loving Parent Monday at 7pm
Boundaries workshop Tuesday at 10am
ACA Trauma to Thriving Friday at 630pm

ACA Steps and Spiritual Principles Sunday 7pm
Meeting ID 418 125 471
Password 028589

Tony As 12-Step workbook Wednesday at 7pm

New Hope Beginners Meeting Thursday at 7pm
Meeting ID: 271 500 885
Password: 929692

Today’s Daily Affirmation https://adultchildren.org/meditation/

7th Tradition Literature Fund https://adultchildren.org/7th-tradition/online-contribution/ our WSO registration number is WEB0310


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