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to purchase ACA literature published within the program.

In another part of the world please visit your local ACA website, face to face meeting or world services website for literature.

The ACA daily meditation is available online and as a daily email.

ACA WSO also has versions of our official literature for sale in audio and E-Book formats.
Please note that these are 3rd party websites and ACA WSO has no control of the content on these sites.
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BRB eBook on Amazon

Strengthening My Recovery Meditation eBook on Amazon

BRB eBook on Barnes and Noble

Strengthening My Recovery Meditation eBook on Barnes and Noble

Loving Parent Guidebook eBook on Amazon


Please feel free to download great readings and works from other ACA groups to get you started on your ACA journey.

Literature Policy
Many Twelve Step programs require that only literature published within the program be available at meetings. The ACA program, from the outset, has held that valuable information exists outside the program. We do suggest that any outside literature brought into the meetings be in keeping with the ACA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Our program also suggests that such literature be kept separate from ACA Conference Approved literature. For more information on the ACA literature policy, refer to the trifold entitled, “The ACA Literature Policy.”